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Warcraft 3 Hacks
Site Opening 12/16/03
Today the site is opening to the public and will be accesible to all and will provide the latest hacks for Warcraft 3 and Warcraft 3 TFT. Remember hacks are supposed to be used for single player games or offline map testing because they violate the user license agreemeant. Blizzard will void the contract and ban you from using Battle Net if you use these so use them at your own expense.
What is a "Map Hack"?
A map hack shows the player using the hack the entire map. It does this by exposing the fog of war for the hacking player. This gives the hacking player an uneven advantage against the oposing team or player. Even though it can only be detected through replays I dont recomend you use it on Battle Net. Remember BLizzard can void your user agreemeant contract and void all accounts and anything else you have concerning Battle Net.
What is a "CD Crack"?
It allows you to play the game without a disk. This should only be used if you lost your disk. If you've lost your disk just get blizzard to send you a new one, go to the technical support page.